Dark Universe is now Available as Audiobook!


The audiobook is now LIVE! on audible. How cool is that? I am excited, well, more like super excited. It is one thing seeing your story on an ereader or in print on the bookshelf, but it’s something else altogether hearing the characters come alive. It’s totally a thing of dreams.

As a consumer, I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. They are not only a great way to keep up on my reading but also a great and rather essential part of surviving a long and tedious commute. I also think that’s the media all books are going to embrace in the future. Since dreaming up my first book, I’ve wanted to have them as audiobooks. However, producing audiobooks is a tremendous (read complex and long) task for a beginner like me. So, super happy to have partnered with Podium Publishing and lucky to have the fantastic Paul Michael Garcia perform the books.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the book on Audible :

Link to Dark Universe I + II on Audible

You can also get it via the 2-Book Bundle page on Amazon


I’m sure you’ll enjoy the performance as much I have.

There’s more news (read, book 3 release) coming up soon. Very soon.

See you in a bit!

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