Science Fiction and Fantasy Books at 99¢


Check out this awesome selection of SFF books, all on SALE now at 99¢ each. Even more good news–this is across all major retailers, not just Amazon.

The Last Stryker is part of it, along with many other books of the genre. Don’t miss this chance to grab a book or two, the sale only lasts this weekend.

Visit the lineup by clicking the link below or the graphic above.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Sale


Dark Universe is now Available as Audiobook!


The audiobook is now LIVE! on audible. How cool is that? I am excited, well, more like super excited. It is one thing seeing your story on an ereader or in print on the bookshelf, but it’s something else altogether hearing the characters come alive. It’s totally a thing of dreams.

As a consumer, I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. They are not only a great way to keep up on my reading but also a great and rather essential part of surviving a long and tedious commute. I also think that’s the media all books are going to embrace in the future. Since dreaming up my first book, I’ve wanted to have them as audiobooks. However, producing audiobooks is a tremendous (read complex and long) task for a beginner like me. So, super happy to have partnered with Podium Publishing and lucky to have the fantastic Paul Michael Garcia perform the books.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the book on Audible :

Link to Dark Universe I + II on Audible

You can also get it via the 2-Book Bundle page on Amazon


I’m sure you’ll enjoy the performance as much I have.

There’s more news (read, book 3 release) coming up soon. Very soon.

See you in a bit!

Awesome news! And even more awesome news!

Tomorrow it’ll be a month since The First Covenant came out and I took stock of how the second book in the series has been doing. I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect it to do as good, but it did. It has already surpassed The Last Stryker’s first month’s numbers. That gets me in an awesome frame of mind as I work through the complex plotlines of the final book.

It’s Mojito time!!!!
brooke-lark-203844Okay, so I rarely need an excuse to get those tumblers out, but really . . . seeing readers continuing to love the story is an amazing feeling.

But wait, there’s more! I just got the most thrilling call of my life. It was from Podium Publishing. Yup, the same folks who discovered Andy Weir’s The Martian. They wanted to make an audiobook of the series. How crazy cool is that?

Awright! Probably not as cool for people who’ve done this sort of thing before but for me, pretty darn exciting.

More Mojitos, YAY!

So anyways, the audiobook is coming, via Podium Publishing. I’m excited. And yeah, I’m writing too. Very diligently.

That’s tonight’s update. I’ll be back soon with more. Until then, cheers!!!

Woohooo! Book #2 is LIVE and doing well.

The First Covenant has launched on Amazon, folks! After the usual cycles of edits and revisions, book #2 is now out. It’s looking good so far, and I’m excited. The very first review just came in and here’s a snippet — “*The First Covenant* is faster paced and has more gripping action than *The Last Stryker*

WOW! Can you hear that sigh of relief? It’s one thing writing a good first book that makes readers happy, but it’s something else trying to make sure that the second is better (or at least at the same level) than the first. I had no idea how much pressure it’d be to write a sequel, but I’m learning as I go.

Anyway, this week, and for this week only, I’m having a launch special pricing of $0.99 RKF2_400x600for both books in the Dark Universe Series. Don’t miss your chance to grab the brand new sequel to The Last Stryker now!

Get The First Covenant on Amazon

Now onto book #3. I had planned a launch date of January 2018 for The Final Resistance, mostly to account for the slowdown during holiday season, but you know what they say about “best laid plans.”

Now, I’ve already started getting mails requesting a quicker release and so . . . back to writing at a furious pace. Here’s hoping I can beat my own expectations.

Overall in the series, I’m happy with the story and how things look in the final outline (it’s one humongous outline) but can’t deny that I’m also a smidge nervous thinking of the scope of the third and final book of the series. That’s going to be longer, and more complex, but YES . . . I just started writing it.

A cover reveal for book #3 is coming up soon also, as well as a sneak peek of the first chapter. Now that summer’s over, the second book is done, and the end of the series is somewhat in sight, I’m planning to spend a bit more time on the website. Here’s hoping!

As for The First Covenant, don’t miss this chance to pick up a copy or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Get The First Covenant on Amazon now

More soon!