Woohoo! It’s now on preorder.

Finally, my book is now on preorder. It’s set to release on June 15, which is next month and yup, I’m excited! That’s the cover down below, designed by the awesome Gergo Pocsai.

RKF1And here’s a quick blurb to get you introduced to the story –

Nothing lasts forever. Least of all, peace.

Sixteen and sole heir to the richest House in the galaxy, Ramya Kiroff has a life anyone would kill for. Only to Ramya, it is a living nightmare. Her father Tyrsten has no use for a female heir, except as bait. When Ramya is handed a diktat–she must marry a stranger who will run the Kiroff business empire in her stead–she decides she has had enough. Ramya’s plan to escape her trappings is flawless. Until she steps into the Endeavor–the one ship Trysten Kiroff is desperate to get his hands on . . .

Former Captain of the Confederate Fleet, Terenze Milos is the hero of the Locusta-Vanga wars, said to have brought the galaxy back from the brink of extinction. Now he lives in obscurity, running a freight operation on the derelict ship, Endeavor. When Captain Milos recognizes the unmistakable signs of deadly Locustan technology in a salvaged fighter craft–the Stryker–he sounds a warning. But the Confederacy isn’t listening . . .

Caught between a corrupt Confederacy and an old enemy intent on eradicating life from the galaxy, the Endeavor and its crew find themselves on the run. Captain Milos knows, time is running out fast. And a young stowaway aboard the Endeavor with an unlikely bond with the Stryker may be the galaxy’s last line of defense.

A grizzled old captain with a mysterious past, a ragtag crew, and a stowaway with a secret–can this band of misfits save the galaxy from annihilation?

What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below.

What’s happening, Alex Sheppard?

Okay. So, blogging is new to me. And I’m not going to promise that I’ll blog regularly. Mostly because I’m too busy finishing up my space opera trilogy. Life in general and the little tykes in particular, don’t help much either. That’s why I’ll keep my visits here short and instead work on wrapping up the books.

So, here’s a quick summary of what’s coming.

An excerpt of the first book in the series, The Last Stryker, will hit Instafreebie in another week or so. Check it out, and if it seems like your cup of tea, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter.

The first book will be out on June 01, if I can keep my schedule straight. Then the second in another couple of months and so on.

That’s the plan folks. And I’m gonna be off now working on said plan. Be back soon.